In 1947 Charles Haynes, began working at his upholstering trade. He worked for many prestigious companies and was able to pick up on some of the finer points of the profession. Charles has worked many years to perfect his craft and learned from some the best, he has worked for Hudson's Galleries, Daly Brothers, Famous Upholstering, and LaBelle's Interiors.

He has created many custom pieces and was contracted to do work for the Ford Renaissance Center, Ford Motor Company, Meadowbrook Country Club, Henry Ford Mansion Estate and Greenfield Village Museum. He has enjoyed his trade and learned many new techniques from years on challenging his abilities.

Formerly of the Dearborn, Michigan area, Charles Haynes is a Master Craftsman and has an immense passion for the arts of design of well-built furniture, venturing to improve on comfort and adding that special touch.. He went on to form his own company Charles Haynes Custom Upholstering and has enjoyed his trade to the fullest.

Charles was honored with an award for one of his concept pieces “The Dance of Life ” from the Finishing Hope in Bloomfield Hills Michigan and donated the piece to the cause.

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